Single Women Making a Difference Interview

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This past August I was so excited to get an email from Brenda Rogers over at Triple Braided Life!She graciously extended an invitation for me to be a part of her October blogging series that interviews Single Women.

Each day a different woman, living for the glory of God, is interviewed during the month of October and featured on Brenda’s blog. To say I was humbled (and yet oh so excited!) was an understatement. There are so many amazing women being interviewed and being able to be a part of it has been such a blast.

Today my interview is being featured at Triple Braided Life. Feel free to click here to read the full interview.

Also please check out all the amazing women she has chosen to interview this month. I’ve already gleaned so much wisdom and have been so encouraged reading everyone’s responses.

Thanks so much Brenda for allowing me to be a part of the Single Women Making a Difference blog series!!


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