Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas!

Today is the release of Kirk Cameron’s new film Saving Christmas! For two weeks only Cameron’s film will be featured in select theater’s across America! For more information on where to find a theater playing the movie nearest you, head on over to!

Cameron has also been out promoting his new film and a friend of mine shared with me a fabulous article in which Cameron defends Christmas, it’s traditions and Santa Claus.

“I love Christmas, I’m a Christian and I love Christmas,” he immediately assured, “When I write the date on a check every time I write 2014 that should remind me that something very important happened 2014 years ago and we still record time today by that first Christmas. That’s what separates AD from BC.

“The actor said Christians could spread the message of Christ’s birthday by inviting friends and neighbors into their Christmas celebrations. “Everyone loves the guy on the block, or the mom on the block that invites people over for a barbeque or a party. At Christmas time open your doors and invite your neighbors into the story that you’re celebrating. The story of this king and his kingdom and tell them how they’re invited to be part of the kingdom as well,” he advised, “Put up your nativity, put up your Christmas tree, take a picture with Santa and when you show people that picture then share with them the story of the real Saint Nicholas.”

(Read the whole article by clicking here)

I absolutely love the ministry of Kirk Cameron. He is truly an amazing man of God standing up for Jesus Christ in a world that needs to hear the Good News! If you have a chance, I encourage everyone to watch Cameron’s new film Saving Christmas in theaters today!

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