Rhythms of Grace by Kerri Weems {book review}


“Life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. These well-known words of wisdom remind us to pace ourselves in the journey of life so we reach the finish line with no regrets. Pacing yourself is not as easy as it sounds. Life tends to take on a pace of its own which when left unchecked, will drive us toward burnout and fatigue. We can easily become driven by care, worry, and ambition rather than led by the Holy Spirit. We may tend to think of burnout as a modern problem, but we can see that people in Jesus’ day felt their own kind of spiritual and emotional fatigue. Why else would Jesus have said these comforting words?”

Rhythms of Grace, by author Kerri Weems, was a breath of fresh air. I ordered this book after feeling pulled in many different directions at many different times during the day, and sometimes multiple times in a week! What began to me feeling only like a busy few weeks soon turned into a feeling of ongoing fatigue and confusion! Of course, living in our current culture which tends to thrive on appointments, non-stop emails, carpool lanes, fast food restaurants and endless amounts of activity, it’s all too easy to get sucked into this whirlpool! But really, does God want us to live this way?

No. Not the way we’ve been doing it in the 21st century. Therefore I jumped at the opportunity to read this book. Turns out I’m not the only one who felt this way either. Kerri Weems has a plethora of sound biblical wisdom that can help anyone with multiple things to do in a week get back into a rhythm that works for them; a rhythm with rest.

Weems does a fabulous job of weaving together simple, practical advice, encouragement and biblical teachings to help us get back to pace that leads to wholeness, or what the Bible refers to as “shalom.” Weems does not deny that we are busy people living in a busy world, but she does offer ways that will help the reader to get back to a place where we can take time for ourselves to not only re energize for the things that need to be done, but to relax in the presence of our Savior.

I give Rhythms of Grace 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who is feeling the strain of constant activity and the need for a more steady, constant rhythm to help bring us back to the peace and wholeness of shalom.

This book helped me to refocus and realize the need for a steady rhythm throughout the week. I’m grateful to Weems for her advice and for helping me to get back into a rhythm that works best.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from BookLookBloggers.com in exchange for an honest review. This however has not affected my opinions in the review in any way, shape or form

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