Animals: Friends from God

My sweet dog, Mango!

My sweet dog, Mango!

If you’re a dog lover, like myself, then you need to read this inspiring post over at Focus on the Family. It’s cute, insightful and spot on! There’s something about a dog that goes deeper than meets the eye. There’s a reason why dogs are considered therapeutic and they have keen sense of awareness as to what’s going on.

Just this morning I stumbled across this awesome post that I thought was more than worth re-posting here.

“Pick up any Christmas catalog this season, from L.L. Bean to Orvis, and you’re bound to see images of cute puppies and family dogs.

There sits a friendly retriever by the crackling fireplace, snuggled up on his tartan-plaid dog bed. Or there’s pajama-clad junior, hugging his new canine friend, a red bow around his collar.

There’s a reason the late Peanuts creator Charles Schulz once suggested that “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

Read the rest of “The Spiritual Side of Dogs” by clicking here. Also check out one of their broadcasts titled “Unconditional Love: Lessons Learned From My Canine Friend.”

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