Love Without Limits {book review}


That’s what came to my mind as I read the book Love Without Limits by Nick Vujicic; hope for the future, hope for dreams come true, hope for true love.

International evangelist and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic along with his wife Kanae have penned an amazing story of true love at it’s best. Despite many obstacles and a somewhat confusing start to their relationship, Nick tells the story of how God brought Kanae into his life, met the deep desires of his heart and showed him what true love looks like.

Kanae, Nick’s wife, also weaves in her upbringing and story to give readers the full span of how amazing God is and His hand on their coming together. Nick and Kanae cover so many topics in this book, from trusting God, to courtship, to proposals, to abstinence, marriage, parenthood and more, that I can’t even begin scratch the tip of the iceberg in this review. It’s a story brimming full of love and wonder that you can’t help but feel the hope within yourself rising to the surface!

If you’re single, I highly recommend this book. It reaffirms not only God’s love for us, but how deeply intimate He is a part of every single aspect of our lives, including our love life. Are you still waiting for that special someone to come along? Don’t give up hope! As Nick rightly says early on in the book,

“You are worthy of love because you are the creation of a loving Father.”

I give Love Without Limits five out of five stars for sure. Anyone looking for a good, biblically solid, wise and honest read should pick up a copy today. Love truly does have no limits!!

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