Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas!

Today is the release of Kirk Cameron’s new film Saving Christmas! For two weeks only Cameron’s film will be featured in select theater’s across America! For more information on where to find a theater playing the movie nearest you, head on over to!

Cameron has also been out promoting his new film and a friend of mine shared with me a fabulous article in which Cameron defends Christmas, it’s traditions and Santa Claus.

“I love Christmas, I’m a Christian and I love Christmas,” he immediately assured, “When I write the date on a check every time I write 2014 that should remind me that something very important happened 2014 years ago and we still record time today by that first Christmas. That’s what separates AD from BC.

“The actor said Christians could spread the message of Christ’s birthday by inviting friends and neighbors into their Christmas celebrations. “Everyone loves the guy on the block, or the mom on the block that invites people over for a barbeque or a party. At Christmas time open your doors and invite your neighbors into the story that you’re celebrating. The story of this king and his kingdom and tell them how they’re invited to be part of the kingdom as well,” he advised, “Put up your nativity, put up your Christmas tree, take a picture with Santa and when you show people that picture then share with them the story of the real Saint Nicholas.”

(Read the whole article by clicking here)

I absolutely love the ministry of Kirk Cameron. He is truly an amazing man of God standing up for Jesus Christ in a world that needs to hear the Good News! If you have a chance, I encourage everyone to watch Cameron’s new film Saving Christmas in theaters today!

Single Women Making a Difference Interview

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This past August I was so excited to get an email from Brenda Rogers over at Triple Braided Life!She graciously extended an invitation for me to be a part of her October blogging series that interviews Single Women.

Each day a different woman, living for the glory of God, is interviewed during the month of October and featured on Brenda’s blog. To say I was humbled (and yet oh so excited!) was an understatement. There are so many amazing women being interviewed and being able to be a part of it has been such a blast.

Today my interview is being featured at Triple Braided Life. Feel free to click here to read the full interview.

Also please check out all the amazing women she has chosen to interview this month. I’ve already gleaned so much wisdom and have been so encouraged reading everyone’s responses.

Thanks so much Brenda for allowing me to be a part of the Single Women Making a Difference blog series!!


Jesus is Victorious


photo credit: Luz Adriana Villa A. via photopin cc

There’s been a whirlwind happening around me lately. Trials have engulfed some of the people whom I love dearly as well as those whom I don’t know personally. My eyes look on the brokenness of this world. It seems that everywhere I turn I see death, sickness, terror, lies and fear:

A family member continues to fight to get well.

A beloved pastor passes away.

A terrorist group that preys on innocent people strikes again.

A national health crisis takes away another life.

A grieving family awaits to hear news of their missing daughter.

All this and more. Questions run rampant. When will it end?

It’s easy to live in fear and sorrow, especially with the brokenness and evil all around. Things are not as they are supposed to be, anyone can see that. You only need to turn on the nightly news to see all this. But just how do we, as Christians respond? How do we continue to be salt and light, giving thank to God in all things, when the world around us seems to have turned upside down?

I remember talking to a friend of mine back in the spring. She was feeling defeated. Things seemed to have piled up on her. She too had one of those moments (like we all do) when we wonder where to go from here; how it is we’re supposed to move forward when it seems like nothing could go right. Her heart was heavy with questions and I too could feel the weight of the problems we were discussing; things like finances, national security, relationships and change. I remember looking at her and feeling completely inadequate to even try and begin addressing these problems, when suddenly I remembered three words that changed everything: Jesus is victorious.

“That’s what keeps me going.” I told her. The knowledge that no matter how bad things may look or how out of control this world may seem, Jesus is victorious.

Living as salt and light in a dark world is not an easy task. Thankfully though we don’t have to be salt and light alone. It’s by His grace alone that we’re able to keep moving forward, looking to that day when sickness, suffering, death, lies and destruction will be done away with once and for all. Jesus is victorious.

Our job isn’t to fix the world… only Jesus can do that. Our job is to love. How? By praying, serving, listening, working and spreading the amazing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our job is to finish the work that Jesus began for us when He came to earth in the form of a baby, and died on the Cross as a man.

When I look at the Cross and see what Jesus did, I can’t even begin to fathom the immense pain and suffering that He went through. Hours upon hours, He was nailed to that Cross, struggling to breathe with the weight of the world on His shoulders. The weight of sickness, terror, crisis, suffering and death was placed upon Him where He breathed His last breath and accomplished the work set before Him.

But the Cross isn’t the end. Neither is the grave. We see something so beautiful, so profound, so deep on that Cross. We see love in motion, an eternity in paradise, and an empty grave. We see victory.

Jesus was victorious. Jesus conquered the grave.

When things look down and fears threaten to overwhelm remember this very thing: Jesus is victorious!

“Look around and be distressed; look within and be depressed; look to Jesus and be at rest.”

-Corrie Ten Boom



Saturday Smiles

I’m an animal lover. Like seriously…

As a child I had dogs, bunnies, hamsters and fish as well as loads of stuffed animals (all with names and personalities of their own)! So as I perused my Facebook feed this morning and saw this video, I had to post it and share it with my fellow animal lovers out there. It’s too good not to share!

May this sweet pup bring you Saturday smiles that warm your heart all the day long!

Jewelry that Makes a Difference

Within the last few days or so I got a brand new shipment of jewelry in for my store! Reyèl, which you can read more about here, is my online store featuring jewelry (earrings, bracelets and necklaces) made by Haitian artists.

Since my recent trip to Haiti I wanted to help the local people there somehow by helping them help themselves. While a gift can go a long way and be a major blessing to these precious people, another way to help end the cycle of poverty in Haiti is by creating new jobs for the people living there so that they in turn will be able to provide for themselves and for others.

The poverty in Haiti is heartbreaking. A lot of men and women can’t break this cycle of poverty because of inadequate funds. Of course there are a lot of layers to this problem such as a lack of education, homelessness, deforestation and more; however, by providing business opportunities to the local people and partnering with them, we can then help begin to address the problem of poverty one step at a time.

Reyèl is a business that seeks solely to partner with Haiti’s Jewels and help address this very problem. Which is why I’m excited to share with you some of the new pieces of jewelry over at the store!

Below are three of my favorites!

Double Tier Feather Stone Earrings:

(Image Source: Haiti's Jewel's)

(Image Source: Haiti’s Jewel’s)

These double tier feather stone earrings are strikingly stunning! Hand carved and made with soap stone, these earrings are bound to become a personal favorite to anyone’s jewelry collection. Earrings are wrapped in sterling silver and hung in hypo-allergenic backings.

 Recycled Aluminum Cuff:

(Image Source: Haiti's Jewels)

(Image Source: Haiti’s Jewels)

Hand shaped, recycled aluminum cuff bracelet. A great piece for a casual look!

Brown Leather Cross Necklace:

(Image Source: Haiti's Jewels)

(Image Source: Haiti’s Jewels)

Handmade recycled aluminum cross, cast in a sand mold. Cross is strung on brown, goat cut leather and fastened with aluminum button. This necklace is made with locally sourced goat leather making it 100% Haitian made!

Lastly I wanted to let you know that the Silver Drop Glass Earrings (in colors green, blue, brown and clear) will be discontinued. I only have a very limited amount left so feel free to grab a pair before they are all gone. They have been my best sellers so far!!

There are plenty more pieces over at my store which you can visit by clicking here. The artisans who make this gorgeous jewelry have been able to create steady incomes because of their craft and business. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends who now have the opportunity to pay for medical treatment, send their kids to school, feed their families and buy a home!!

By coming together we can make a difference in the lives of others. Let’s help to end the cycle of poverty in Haiti one step at a time. Change is more than possible!

Wisdom for Single Women


“My husband and I were once with a youth group. There were three kids sitting across from us at a meal: two guys and a girl. The one guy was a computer geek with glasses. The other one was a college student with slightly cooler hair and no glasses. The girl was obviously with him. But while the computer geek was busy serving everyone at the meal, clearing plates and garbage, the college student got angry with the girl for a small accident and poured red juice over her leather jacket and white shirt. She picked the wrong guy, and the juice didn’t seem to change her mind. She is in for some grief if that relationship continues and especially if it leads to marriage.

So to all the young, unmarried Christian girls out there, listen up: who you marry matters. You might think that the way he treats you isn’t so bad. It’s not going to get better after the wedding. You might think that he’ll change. It’s possible, but most don’t. You might think that you’ll be able to minister to him and help him. Possibly, but if you can’t now, you won’t then, and you will be at risk yourself. A husband should lead and cherish you, not need your counsel for basic personality or behavior issues.

Unless someone married is very frank with you, you can’t understand how much a husband will impact your entire life. Next to salvation there is no other long term event that will change so many areas of your life so deeply. Here are just some of the ways that marriage will impact every aspect of living.”

Read the rest of this amazing, thought provoking, and spot on post over at The Christian Pundit by clicking here. If I ever had to recommend just one article for single women, this would be the one!!

How To Pick Up A Stripper and Other Acts of Kindness by Todd and Erin Stevens book review


“The starting and ending points for all outreach have to be love. The most effective way to reach people for Jesus is through servant evangelism—showing God’s love in practical ways. This type of outreach is what Jesus modeled, is culturally relevant, and values people. The goal should be to invite people to take the next step from where they are.”

Ok, to be honest I initially hesitated to “pick up” this book due to it’s somewhat racy title; however eventually it was the title of this book that eventually drew me to read it, and I’m glad that I did.

How To Pick Up a Stripper and Other Acts of Kindness by Todd and Erin Stevens is all about servant evangelism. Pastor Todd Stevens of Friendship Community Church is part of a thriving ministry in Tennessee where the people are showing the outside community what God’s love in action really looks like. Friendship Community Church has taken servant evangelism (serving people right where they are at) to a whole new level! Bringing a catered dinner to dancers at a local strip club, hosting an Easter egg hunt for disabled children in the community, paying for someone else’ lunch each day, these are among a few of the many acts of kindness scattered throughout the pages of this book.

I couldn’t help but feel the God’s heart beat in not only the words of Pastor Todd but also his actions. This is a great book to help stir up our own hearts towards acts of service and gives its readers guidance on how to begin showing God’s love in the surrounding communities.

Also many times as I was reading How to Pick Up a Stripper and Other Acts of Kindness, I had some “a-ha!” moments where things just sort of made sense. The way Jesus did ministry, things Paul wrote in his epistles, and a handy guide from Pastor Todd on understanding where people may be at in their own journey with the Lord, all made for an enlightening and pleasant read.

All in all I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone looking for ways to make an impact on their community through acts of kindness and showing God’s heart to the world!


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This however has not affected my opinions in the review in any way, shape or form