Saturday Smiles

I’m an animal lover. Like seriously…

As a child I had dogs, bunnies, hamsters and fish as well as loads of stuffed animals (all with names and personalities of their own)! So as I perused my Facebook feed this morning and saw this video, I had to post it and share it with my fellow animal lovers out there. It’s too good not to share!

May this sweet pup bring you Saturday smiles that warm your heart all the day long!

New Name, New Location!


photo credit: Nicholas_T via photopin cc

I’ve moved! Well, moved websites that is. I’m so excited to bring to you my new name and location over here at Grace Filled Journey with a new url and blog host! While I cherish my old blog Whispers to the Heart and won’t take the posts I made down, I felt it was time to begin fresh.

I’ve learned so, so much about blogging over the past year and a half (I still have much to learn) and felt that in order to take what I’ve learned, apply it and truly begin with a new slate, I needed to not only change the name of the blog but switch hosts. I have lots of new thoughts for this new home and can’t wait to fully get the site up and running.

Please keep checking back for more updates as I make the transition from Whispers to the Heart to Grace Filled Journey.

Grace to you,