Animals: Friends from God

My sweet dog, Mango!

My sweet dog, Mango!

If you’re a dog lover, like myself, then you need to read this inspiring post over at Focus on the Family. It’s cute, insightful and spot on! There’s something about a dog that goes deeper than meets the eye. There’s a reason why dogs are considered therapeutic and they have keen sense of awareness as to what’s going on.

Just this morning I stumbled across this awesome post that I thought was more than worth re-posting here.

“Pick up any Christmas catalog this season, from L.L. Bean to Orvis, and you’re bound to see images of cute puppies and family dogs.

There sits a friendly retriever by the crackling fireplace, snuggled up on his tartan-plaid dog bed. Or there’s pajama-clad junior, hugging his new canine friend, a red bow around his collar.

There’s a reason the late Peanuts creator Charles Schulz once suggested that “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

Read the rest of “The Spiritual Side of Dogs” by clicking here. Also check out one of their broadcasts titled “Unconditional Love: Lessons Learned From My Canine Friend.”

Saturday Smiles

I’m an animal lover. Like seriously…

As a child I had dogs, bunnies, hamsters and fish as well as loads of stuffed animals (all with names and personalities of their own)! So as I perused my Facebook feed this morning and saw this video, I had to post it and share it with my fellow animal lovers out there. It’s too good not to share!

May this sweet pup bring you Saturday smiles that warm your heart all the day long!